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Fashion and Glamour at The Royal Gala, by IDFW

International designers from different countries around the world, VIPs, foreign ambassadors and dignitaries,, local and international fashion buyers on the lookout for the next best thing in fashion, and of course a lot of local and international celebrities, socialites, fashionistas and influencers. The Royal Gala this year had all this going and more.

Out of hundreds who expressed their desire to join, The Royal Gala team had to narrow it down to a stunning line-up of designers from all over the world, including- Spain, Cuba, Mexico, and the GCC, among others, along with a unique collaboration with the Fashion Designers of Latin America (FDLA) organizers.

Held at the Palazzo Versace, under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassemi.  This year’s featured designers were:

Alina Anwar Couture - Unveiling her début collection under her newly created brand, Alina Anwar Couture, the seventeen-piece assemblage draws inspiration from the old Hollywood Era and its Golden Age. In celebration of the most iconic leading ladies ever to grace Tinseltown; Grace Kelly and Jean Harlow, the collection epitomises romance, glamour, strength and sophistication. She states, that “style is your silent story”, is her forever motto.

Bailiss Atelier - In collaboration with the Fashion Designers of Latin America, The Royal Gala will see international Russian guest, Bailiss. Known for their luxury bespoke bridal and evening gowns, they also create chic Prêt-à-porter. 

Belyed - Her stunning collections of silk caftans and fine embroidery – mostly handmade – are successfully meeting a growing demand, expanding her clientele base in the Middle East as well as overseas. Yasmine lays before us these versatile, intimate, exotic and nifty elegant silk caftans in various arrays of gorgeous rich colors and meticulous embroideries.

Just like the memories of her childhood family picnics, the flower patterns in her exquisite designs will soothe your soul and enrich your wardrobes, making these caftans ideal for beach strolls and warm evenings.

Bymara Shoes - More than just shoes! Bymara exclusive shoes are not only distinctive but deluxe within designs, with a strong Spanish identity. 

Ezmar Jewelry and Fashion - Ezz Asmar, the designer believed that jewelry does not change in application since it’s an accessory that only embroiders the wearer’s body. As time passed, Ezz began to divert his focus onto designing ball dresses, but his passion for jewelry persisted. Thus, he decided to combine both jewelry and fashion as one for the very first time using the Modiali concept. After a year of preparation, the prodigious designer decided to release the Modiali concept.

Hannibal Laguna - The signature Hannibal Laguna stands out for the mastery of its patron, the unsurpassed quality of its fabrics and the impeccable confection of each one of its pieces. the search for excellence concluded with one of the best craft workshops in spain, where each of the models is handmade by a team of professionals, experts in the execution of haute couture techniques. a team that controls step by step each design, from the personalization of the initial sketch and cut to measure, until the completion and execution of the embroidery, achieving thus, the refinement and fidelity of the details, with a perfect result.

House of Hend - Is a poetic expression of creativity from Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi. Feminine silhouettes, intricate embroidery and delicate details play the key role in the fashion house, which is a combination of East and West with a chic royal flair.

Joel Reyes Atelier - In collaboration with the Fashion Designers of Latin America, The Royal Gala will see talented Dominican Republic designer, Joel Reyes bring glamour and elegance to the catwalk. 

Larimar by Szandra - A story of beauty, femininity, peace and serenity. The brand, designed by Szandra Akkach is inspired by the Larimar crystal, originating from the coast of the crystal clear Caribbean waters. A water element stone, it’s volcanic origins are fiery and passionate, balancing the energies of water and fire and embracing the qualities of the strong and independent modern woman. Hand created with intricate beadwork, pure silks and light chiffons, this season’s theme ‘Sunset Sea’ reflects the colors of the sunset with fabrics flowing like ocean waves, bringing to you a magical experience to be forever remembered.

Marajai presented their Dubai Collection, a country, they say, where the sky is magic with amazing blue color inspired their Diamond model,  a land where the black of the night decline in a smart way for all the territory  for their Black Pearl model.

Meanwhile, reds are inspired by the sun that illuminates all cities and gives them life. Sandy tones complete the collection as its the majestic desert full of nuances and exotic animals. A collection made of skins of the best quality for a woman full of elegance and sophistication. We have the pleasure to design from Spain for a woman full of charm and sensuality.

Moskada - With love from Spain, Moskada designs for the woman who wants to feel elegant in any occasion, a style that is both timeless and fascinating.

Pertegaz - Manuel Pertegaz (Olba 1918 –Barcelona 2014) is considered the greatest Spanish fashion designer, along with Balenciaga. Pertegaz defined the elegance of Spanish women over decades, a distinguished elegance with serene and delicate glamour. His concept was that of a swan-like woman, fragile whilst at the same time majestic. He had an innate capacity, only within the reach of the greatest creators, of converting everything he touched into a classic style, making modernity everlasting. He never wanted to fall into the trap of uniform fashion which on occasions leads to short-lived trends. Discipline, dedication and perseverance were ever-present throughout his career, but his creative drive was without a doubt his obsession with the infinite search for perfection, which can never be reached, but getting close fills everything with meaning.

Royal Senses  - Exquisitely embroidered designs with finest Afghan traditional materials utilities traditional textures with embroidery in a contemporary, bohemian vibrant style. The brand utilizes traditional textures, the influence of Islamic art, like calligraphy, painting and embroidery. Their collections with exquisitely embroidered designs are made by using our traditional organic fabrics sourced in Afghanistan.

They present different styles from various regions of Afghanistan, by creating contemporary yet modest designs, from the finest traditional afghan materials hand selected to fulfill the requirement of women looking for unique, elegant, vibrant bohemian and modest attire for all occasions.

Samir Kerzabi Haute Couture - A reflection of intricate details, tells the story of Algerian couture designer; Samir Kerzabi’s creations: elegant, classic and timeless. 

Tiscareno - A series of dresses inspired by certain women who through their character, talent and beauty, have transcended barriers of gender, nationality and social norms.

Together with our creative team, we’ve taken inspiration from the lives of Maria Callas, Frida Kahlo, Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt, among many others, to create a series of dresses and photographs that honor these exemplary and visionary women.

Their Dubai Collection is an aesthetic exercise in which the sumptuous and the romantic exists in a world apart from the earthly realm --  consisted of an incredible abundance of lace, endless layers of tulle and ultra-fine embroideries; all working to create an expression of splendor and maximalism in bridal fashion.

Yas Gonzalez - According to the designer, “I am pleased to be showing this collection inspired by CUBA my home country. I have traveled the world, but the places, the experiences I lived as a young girl in Cuba, come to life via this colorful collection. I shot each image transferred onto these fabrics, they are all very special as some include my great grandmother’s kitchen tiles, the church where I attended as a little girl, parks where I played and places that made a positive effect during my childhood. This collection is my colorful version of Cuba. I hope the public will enjoy the wearable art created to embellish a nostalgic heritage to Cubans like myself that live elsewhere, and not by choice.” 

This year, we once again had our loyal friends from Body Shop to do the make-up and Schwarzkopf for the hairstyles of our models.

Unlike other fashion events, The Royal Gala was more than a fashion show, as it also offered unique shopping opportunities, and makeup competitions, along with other industry related activations that were held during the event.

Sheikha Hend affirmed this by commenting; “Dubai, has become a regional lighthouse for innovation and design thanks to its government’s keenness to launch initiatives that support progress in the design industry, and stimulate innovation. UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has launched a number of initiatives, to support the development of Dubai, as an emerging capital for design in the world- by establishing creative incubators that meet the needs of the industry and support the development of creative talents according to Dubai plan

The Royal Gala, once again, was successful in its objective to promote its advocacy to expose the UAE to international fashion, while at the same time promoting the UAE fashion to the rest of the world, making it a unique, fashionable and luxurious affair not to be missed.

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